Amateur radio station 7S7K

I’m an active radio amateur (ham operator) focusing mainly on digital modes on shortwave. Licensed since november 1990 (as OZ8AAZ) but after moving to Sweden in 2008 my call is 7S7K.

HF-privileges came after code-test in 2003 and since then about 90% of my activity is PSK31 on 20m and – since putting up tower – also on 30m.

The JBM-T2001 was my first radio as licensed. Covering 2m but all-mode I really got some mileage from it in the beginning. With the radio came a HB9CV vertical and with that I could cover almost 50% of the repeaters in Danmark from JO65AN. Also many in Sweden but couldn't understand a word - in the south the dialect is quite heavy.

Working HF almost daily you can find me on digimode/PSK31 on 30-10m.

On the right (from bottom) a TS-2000 for SSB/APRS, TS-430 for DIGIMODE and an old ThinkPad on top for APRS. In the middle Dell Latitude for logging and digimode. On the left the old 2m QRV on local repeater SK7RGM (SK7JC/r).

Always QRV when commuting - follow me on APRS.

Using a 2m/70cm FTM-350AR from Yaesu with GPS built-in to controlhead.

Also OZ8AAZ, 5P9K and with the scouts as OZ9FDF, 5P9F.