Search and destroy

...or just using find to hunt down and remove unwanted files or dirs.

It's really simple - just add a "-delete" to your string :)

Ie. if you do a "find . -name 'xm45s.php' -type f" just append the delete and hey-presto.

Always use with care - especially in production environments.


Unclutter find

When using find globally (across partitions/directories) you often get a lot of "Permission denied" which really is disturbing - and useless when scripting.

Just append a little "2>/dev/null" to the end of line and throw those pesky error messages to away.

I can't even remember where I got this tip but felt really embarrased that it never occured to me before... oh, well. Now, I never leave /home without it...


Integrating blog and site

If you can read this (on, that is) you’ll notice that the posting directs to the blog. So what I’ve done is integrating Drupal and WordPress – or more precise, fetching blog postings from WordPress and listing them in


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