Let's go 2019!

NYE fireworks

Hey there and welcome to a new start! It's been years of procrastinating but no more: It's time to get busy, clear the board and take a new look on things. So many projects are collecting dust at the moment - both 3d-print, radio and - most prominently - the car which didn't go throught last winter very well. Sad and expensive story I'll get back to later.

As always, when rolling over a new year it's time to stop up and assess the status: What works, what needs more work and what doesn't work any more. Take a step back before taking the next step.

In 2019, I really hope to get back on the air much more. The past year meant travelling a lot and I only brought a radio once which is another story for later. The few times QRV was almost exclusively on FT8, that new shiny exciting digimode that "all the kids" are talking about ... and the rest of us are curious enough to have to try. I have some thoughts on this and other modes of digital communication (ie. DMR) that you'll get in a later post.

Out of the past 12 months it's with a heavy hard I have to admit that the 3d-printer have been sitting idle for probably 10 months or more - that's unacceptable and new ideas have been brewing for a while so look out for a post or several in the time to come.

Last but not least, there's all the outdoor activities but Scandinavian climate means all that's shut down for the next 4-5 months - but with a huge backlog of tasks unfinished from last year there's plenty potential for a string of post from the garden, forest and lake... when the sun comes back in the spring.

Happy New Year 2019 and let's get going on a whole lot of fun hobby projects!