Mainly to help me remember what I have and have been through :)


Type Name/model Band(s) Comments
Desktop Kenwood TS-2000X 160m-23cm  
Desktop Kenwood TS-590S 160m-6m  
Desktop Kenwood TS-430S 160m-10m  
Mobile Yaesu FT-857D 160m-70cm  
Mobile Yaesu FT-100D 160m-70cm QRX
Mobile Yaesu FTM-350AR 2m/70cm  
Handheld Kenwood TH-D7 2m/70cm x 2. 
Handheld Baofeng UV-5R 2m/70cm  
Handheld IC-E92D 2m/70cm D*STAR
Vintage JBM T-2001 2m Allmode



  • PSUs
    • Samlex SEC 1223
    • Diamond
    • Solarpanel
  • Key
    • Bencher
  • Meters
    • Comet CD-160H
    • Comet CD-270H
    • Akigawa PM-3HV
  • Tuner
    • MFJ-949E