Let's go 2019!

NYE fireworks

Hey there and welcome to a new start! It's been years of procrastinating but no more: It's time to get busy, clear the board and take a new look on things. So many projects are collecting dust at the moment - both 3d-print, radio and - most prominently - the car which didn't go throught last winter very well. Sad and expensive story I'll get back to later.

As always, when rolling over a new year it's time to stop up and assess the status: What works, what needs more work and what doesn't work any more. Take a step back before taking the next step.

How I Learned To Love Agile

Project Management

Ok, I’ll gladly admit it – I was never very fond of ”process methodologies” or any fancy way to describe how, why and when I should do my work. A little childish perhaps and probably not very professional. So there, I’ve said it.

But I never was a very normal developer. Not even normal. Or developer.

From the middle of the 90’s and onwards I went from one project to the next. Never really did what it said on my business card since I always had a weird ability to get involved in all sorts of projects across many different parts of the organisation.

Bug in Admin

Just observed a small bug in module Admin.

With version 2.0-beta3 the Administration-menu-block is attached to bottom of page and in some cases render other modules as well. I saw Masquerade a few times although the context/trigger is unclear.

Upgrade to 7.x-2.x-dev.


Ended up turning it off completely. Too many problems and too litle time to fix right now.


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